Create and Send Digital Proposals

Create a proposal and send email link for customer to review

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Currently there are two ways to generate a new proposal (or other output) for a specific project.

Create proposals and send to customers via email link

Using ArcSite's Create Proposal workflow offers several benefits:

  • Within each ArcSite project, you can create one or more proposals and choose which proposal template you'd like to apply for each proposal created. You can also send a client multiple proposal options to review and allow them to select the option they prefer.

  • Once the proposal is created, you can email clients a link to the proposal that they can review and approve.

  • You'll receive a notification via email once the client has approved the job.

  • Track the status of your proposal on the Proposal Table View.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to create and send your proposal.

Note: While the above video shows this workflow in the user site, you can follow the same steps in app as well (see screenshot below).

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