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How to send a financing application with ArcSite's Proposals
How to send a financing application with ArcSite's Proposals

This article will review how Wisetack consumer financing appears in the typical estimate and proposal within the ArcSite app.

Updated over a week ago

ArcSite + Wisetack allows your business to offer clients fast and friendly financing options without leaving the ArcSite app. To ensure this is available on your account, follow the steps HERE to get apply in just minutes.

Here's the typical workflow.

Step 1:

Start out by selecting a Proposal in ArcSite where you'd like to offer financing. Then, click "Takeoff and Estimate" from your list of options. You'll then see the "Payment" tab at the top, click this too! Scroll down to the "Payment Method" section, and Wisetack Financing will be available.


Step 2:

Click "Send Customer Application" which will prompt the modal shown below. ArcSite will then send the necessary data to the cloud and ask for the client's mobile number.

Once entered, your client will receive an SMS message with a link to complete Wisetack’s short application. It takes about a minute for clients to see their options, and they can do so without impact to their credit score. Clients receive up to 6 monthly payment options depending on the dollar amount that they applied for


Step 3:

At this point, please confirm with your client that Wisetack payment is desired. If not, provide your client with your normal proposal payment options (example shown below).


Step 4:

If your client selects the financing option, the proposal includes the Wisetack logo and link with more information regarding loan options available to them.

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