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Learn how to get photos and signatures added to your final proposal

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There are tons of ways to add on to your customer proposal. You can have your customer information display on the document, you can add site photos to the proposal, and you can even have the customer sign the document in the app.

Enter Client Information

You can add client information for the proposal while creating the project itself. This can be done from the App or from the User Site.

Adding Client Information from the App

Create a new project. On the Create Project dialog, tap the Edit button to enter in client information

Adding Client Information from the User Site

  1. Go to the home page

  2. Click on Create a new project

Editing Client Information from the App

To change existing client information, tap on the I icon at the right side of any project on the Project Screen. From there, tap on the Edit button located in the Client Information section.

Adding Site Photos to the Proposal

Many ArcSite clients that they like to add site photos to their proposals so that their prospective clients can understand the severity/need of the work they are recommending.

You can use the Embedded Photos feature to have those site photos added directly to your proposal.

Proposal Signatures

Both you and your clients can sign Proposals directly from the app.

Steps to sign a proposal

  1. Bring up a proposal by starting the export process

  2. With the proposal displayed, tap on the Add Signature icon at the top right corner of the screen

  3. Sign with finger or stylus

  4. Move signature to a specific location

  5. Repeat as needed

  6. Once you are finished with exporting the proposal, tap Done at the top left corner of the displayed proposal

  7. You will be prompted to upload the signed version to the ArcSite Cloud Account

Note if there is no internet connection at the point of upload, you can save the signed proposal and upload it later. See “Upload a signed proposal later” Section below.

Open a signed proposal

In order to open an already signed proposal

  1. Open the Project

  2. Tap the icon directly to the right of the Project name at the top center of the screen

  3. Tap desired version

Upload a signed proposal later

If you were unable to upload a signed copy of the proposal earlier, you can upload later

  1. Open the Project

  2. Tap the icon directly to the right of the Project name at the top center of the screen

  3. Tap on the upload icon for any proposal shown in the top “Unsaved Documents” section of the dialog

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