Why does ArcSite Seem Slow?
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You may run into scenarios where ArcSite seems to be running slower than normal. Find answers to a couple of common scenarios below:

Slowness After Adjusting a Line

  • After changing the length of one line, does it take a while to change other “related’ lines?

  • Is your drawing changing in unexpected ways after you specify a length?

The first potential “Issue”:

ArcSite has a feature called “Smart Dimensioning”.

When ON, and you change the length of one part of a connected object, the app will automatically adjust all related lines.

While this is useful in many cases, it can also create unexpected results in others.

If you have a complex connected shape, it can do two things you may not want.

  1. It can change other related lines in ways you wouldn’t have wanted/expected

  2. It can take a while to finish, as it works through all the possible ways it can change

Solution #1

You can simply turn off this feature in the Settings panel (4th icon on top right toolbar).

The 2nd potential issue

Unfortunately, the iPad devices have somewhat limited hardware. What can happen is that when “too much” information is presented on screen all at once, it can take a while to display it all.

Solutions for 2nd issue

Given this limitation, there are several ways you can better manage the display issue.

  1. Use Layering – You can separate different parts of the drawing on different layers. Then if there is a currently unneeded section, you can turn off that layer and the device will no display it.

  2. Create shapes – A large number of lines actually takes up more space than if those lines were converted into a reusable shape. Converting sections into shapes could then reduce the load on the device. You can always break a shape apart if you need to edit it again.

Slowness while Uploading to the ArcSite Cloud Account


  1. A drawing does not seem to be uploading. The uploading icon just continues to spin.

Potential Reasons

  1. As the ArcSite cloud account needs to use an internet connection, the first thing to check is that you currently have a reliable connection. This tends to be the most common reason for issues of this sort.

  2. If there a large number of photos added to the drawing, the upload time can be significant, again depending on your available upload speeds

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