ArcSite for Inspections
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Using ArcSite for Inspections

Collecting all of the required data, while onsite, is tough work. Taking all of that and trying to incorporate it back at the office is just as hard for other reasons.

The video and the steps below show you how by simply drawing a picture, you end up with a full set of deliverables, from a visual mapping to an Excel of objects, and a set of related site photos.


(Click on each step for a more detailed video of that specific feature)

  1. Add Shapes to help speed up the drawing process and to show the location and type of items found onsite

  2. Add Measurements (one at a time or in bulk)

  3. Adding marked up site photos will allow you to always “remember” this project (1:20)

  4. Use forms to collect overall site information

  5. Get you work out of the app (and into the next app or persons hands) with uploading to the ArcSite cloud account and or exporting directly out of the app.

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