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Exporting & Sharing Your Work - An Overview
Exporting & Sharing Your Work - An Overview
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Whether you need to collaborate with teammates, present your findings to stakeholders, or simply showcase your work, ArcSite offers multiple ways to export or share your work. Here's an overview of the various options available with links to more information about each.

Export directly into a variety of formats

ArcSite provides the flexibility to export your project in different file formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of platforms and applications. You can export your work as:

  • PDF: Ideal for sharing documents that preserve formatting and layout integrity across different devices and operating systems.

  • PNG: Perfect for sharing high-quality images suitable for presentations, reports, or social media posts.

  • DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) and DWG (AutoCAD Drawing): Essential for users working with CAD software, allowing seamless integration with other design tools and workflows.

Send a custom link to view a diagram

You may want to provide others with a quick glimpse of your diagram without the need for downloading files. ArcSite enables you to generate viewable links that direct recipients to a visual representation of your diagram or design. This option is convenient for sharing previews or seeking feedback before finalizing your work.

You can set options for the recipient to:

  1. View Only

  2. Download

  3. Create their own account so they can directly collaborate

Share a custom Project download link

For collaborators who require access to project files for further outside analysis or modification. With just a few clicks, you can securely share these links, allowing recipients to download the complete set of project files directly to their devices from a custom link.

Sharing / Collaborating Within the App

For seamless collaboration and real-time interaction, ArcSite offers built-in features for sharing access to your work directly within the app. Whether you're working on a team project or seeking input from colleagues, you can invite others to view, edit, or comment on your work without leaving the app. This ensures smooth communication and efficient workflow management, enhancing productivity and collaboration among team members.

Sending out Proposals

ArcSite provides two methods of presenting proposals.

  1. You can generate a Proposal directly in the app itself, get a signature and export in a variety of methods. Those include Print, Email, Text, and either push or get pulled into 3rd party tools

  2. For a dynamic and interactive presentation of your proposal, ArcSite enables you to create web-based proposals and share them via a unique link. Recipients can access and accept the proposal online and/or download a local copy and offers a direct path to connecting with you.
    Once accepted, you and the client can make payments directly from the secure web page.

Sharing Material Lists, Takeoff Reports, and Crew/Job sheets

You can generate a number of outputs for your internal teams and / or vendors

  • Material List: Easily export a comprehensive list of materials used in your project, simplifying procurement and inventory management processes.

  • Job Sheets: Create a document the installation crew can use in the field. Add diagrams, project details, products lists and any other custom information useful to the crew

  • Takeoff Report: Generate detailed takeoff reports that provide precise measurements and quantities, facilitating accurate cost estimation and project planning.

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