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Instead of exporting directly from the app, you can download your plans, photos, forms, and takeoffs from the web-based ArcSite User Site.

Once your work has been created and uploaded to the ArcSite Cloud, you can download all the info associated with it. You can download everything from the drawing itself to the photos, to the Takeoff and Estimate. Alternatively, you can download all the drawings and documents within a Project.

The reasons for downloading from the User Site:

  1. If your drawing is too large for sending by email, downloading directly from the user site removes any email size limitations

  2. You can provide a single download link to a client or other non-internal person, making this a simple action for them to

  3. Note – In order to download Takeoff schedules and Forms, they must be downloaded from the user site.

Download Everything Associated with a Drawing

Once the work has been uploaded, you can log into the ArcSite Cloud Account from a browser to download all of the various elements ( Visual Map, Takeoff Schedules, Forms, and any photos associated with a takeoff)

  1. Click on the Project that contains your work

  2. Click on the Drawing you want to download information from

  3. From this drawing specific screen you can choose multiple ways to download the various elements


  1. Download Drawing allows you to pick multiple objects to download at the same time

  2. Download the drawing part

  3. Download any completed forms

  4. Download any completed takeoff schedules

Downloading an Entire Project


  1. Within the app, ensure you have uploaded all of the drawings to the ArcSite Cloud account, that you want to be included in the project download

  2. Navigate to the ArcSite Cloud site

  3. Open the Project from list

  4. In the top right corner, click on the Download list

  5. Select the objects and formats you want to include

  6. You will download a Zip file containing all of your documents

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