Office-Based Workflows using ArcSite
Updated over a week ago

Using The ArcSite User Site (a browser-based, password-protected website) allows you to perform a series of tasks unrelated to the field work done through the iPad app.

Those workflows include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating new projects for the field person

    • You can create the projects ahead of time

    • Enter in client details so the field person does not need to

    • Upload existing PDFs so they are available for the person in the field

  • Getting the work from the field to do your next step

    • Download any or all of the various outputs (Proposals, Takeoff Schedules, Diagrams, Forms, and photos)

    • Creating links for sharing data with others

  • Going back into existing projects to get details for the client/boss/salesperson/crew/vendor/etc.

  • Understanding and managing the field folks usage

    • Manage users and their access levels

    • Run usage reports

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