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Sending Customers Multiple Proposal Options (Good/Better/Best)
Sending Customers Multiple Proposal Options (Good/Better/Best)
Updated over a week ago

When creating proposals, you also have the ability to send a client multiple proposal options to review and allow them to select the option they prefer. You can serve your customers better with multiple options and increase your revenue by including upsell opportunities.

  • Any drawings within a project can be selected as options.

  • Since each option can be named as desired, you can present the options using a Good / Better / Best framework or other format of your choice.

  • Mark an option as "Recommended" to help guide your customers' decision making.

The workflow for sending multiple options to your clients is very similar to how you'd send a single proposal option (as covered above), but the video below will show you how to make sure all desired options are prepared prior to emailing the customer.

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