Quick-add Variables

You can now quickly add variables within a Paragraph Block while using the Proposal Template Builder.

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Creating a functional and customized proposal requires auto-populated variable data from other areas of your project, customer, drawing, and field data. Although ArcSite has offered this functionality previously, we're now making it much easier to insert this type of dynamic content into your templates.

How it works

From within your proposal template builder, you'll first need to click 'Add Block'

Next, choose the Paragraph Block option and click "Add" to apply it to your template.

(The quick-add variables feature is only available within the Paragraph Block)

Once the Paragraph Block is available on the template, click on that specific block to edit the contents. You'll now see the "Add Variables" tool.

From here you'll now see all of the quick add variables that are available.

💡 This new quick-add feature makes the paragraph block much more versatile and user-friendly! This is especially true for new users who want to create a simple proposal template using only paragraph blocks.

Once you've added a variable, you can see it has been added by the dotted line placed around the variable text. If you wish to edit the placed variable, click it to reopen the menu.

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