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Add Field Data to your Proposal
Add Field Data to your Proposal

Use the Additional Data feature to add form questions to answer while on site and/or Standard Documents to the Proposal

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Why Use 

  1. You have additional questions that you can be answered on site

  2. You have standard documents that you want to be automatically or optionally added

This additional data will be added to the Proposal itself.

Creating Field Data information 

  1. Log in, using an Administrator account, and navigate to the Field Data screen on the ArcSite User Site

  2. Click the Add Data Field button 

  3. Provide a label for the option that will appear in the app

  4. Choose the type of input that will be used

  5. Click Save


Added directly after the customer and pricing section of proposal

  • Section - Will display as a header-section on the Proposal. Useful if you want to group together a series of related form questions

  • Single line text - Will display an editable single line text entry field

  • Paragraph text - Will display an editable paragraph entry field

  • Switch (Yes/No) - Good for binary yes - no type questions

  • Dropdown list - Will display a set list of pre-defined answers 

  • Date - Ability to choose a date

Added after the diagram section of proposal 

  • File Attachment (Select in app) - Displays optional documents that user can choose to display ( added to the end of the proposal)

  • File Attachment - Documents add here will always be added to the end of a proposal

Using Field Data in the app

  1. Within a drawing, tap on the first icon on the top right toolbar

  2. Tap on Takeoff & Estimate

  3. Tap on the Field Data tab

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