Putting your Proposal into Live Use
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Once you’ve created and tested your draft template, the next step is to publish your template to the app. This converts it from Draft to Published status and makes it available to all of your users in the app.

  • Please note: once you publish your template, it will no longer be directly editable. Please make sure you have tested your template with real data before continuing. (You are able to duplicate a published template, which creates a new draft copy that you can then edit)

Publish to App:

To publish a template, navigate to Advanced Settings > Proposal Templates and find the draft template you want to publish.

Open the Actions menu and select Publish to App. You will see a confirmation message noting that you won’t be able to make changes after publishing. Click OK to continue.


Your template should now be listed as Published, which means it is available for use in the app. Grab your iPad and try it out!

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