Proposal Template Sections Overview

Each template can be comprised of individual section blocks. We offer a range of prebuilt sections that you can use to build unique outputs.

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This quick article is intended to get you familiar with the available sections within the Template Builder.

The Proposal Template Builder is a great tool to help create customized proposals for yourself and/or your client. By utilizing the Template Builder, you are able to add and remove sections so that you can organize and present the information that is best suited for your business.

The Template Builder allows you to tailor your proposal to fit any situation, with a variety of sections to choose from. These sections include cover pages & company/client information, inserts, product lists & warranties, pricing & payment terms, addendums, disclosures, disclaimers, and many more.

In addition to these available sections, you also have access to various design features - such as fonts, colors, text alignments, and table of content navigation features - that will help you create a unique, professional-looking proposal.

By using the Proposal Template Builder, you’ll have the necessary tools to help create innovative and comprehensive proposals for any business purpose.

Within each section type, you'll find pre-built options that you can choose from to help match your style and preference.

The template builder is designed to ensure that you have the ability to deliver a professional sales document to your customers and team.

Available Sections:

Click on the individual section type for more details and best practices.

Cover - Create a cover page with high-level project information

Company Info - Present your company's information

Client Profile - Use this section to include details about your customer (name, email, address)

Product List - Choose what, and how much, ArcSite product information to present

Additional Information - Display any Additional Data questions you have answered

Drawing - The ArcSite diagram/drawing

Products Not Included - Show products that you suggested but the client decided against.

Payment - Display the payment terms that you wish to establish with your customer.

Signature - Choose what type of client and company representative signatures you want.

Location-Based Photos - Choose whether to include or not, any embedded photos you took

Paragraph - The most customizable of the sections. An open area where you can add text, video links, and images

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