Why is my Export Not Displaying Correctly?

If you're having issues with the way your export is appearing, checkout these frequent questions and solutions.

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Sometimes, when exporting your ArcSite Drawing out of the mobile app, there are some customization options that need to be considered to ensure your output is correct. Please check out these common FAQs.


"My Drawing is Tiny when I try to Export”

Likely the cause of this issue is that there is a tiny object (which may not be visible at the current zoom level), that nonetheless is part of the overall drawing and export.

At times the unknown object or element will be on the opposite side of the canvas from where you see your reduced-sized drawing.

How to Fix:

Option 1 – To resolve, zoom in on the “empty side” to find and delete the unwanted object. Once deleted, the export should be fine.

An easy way to find that missing object is to Multiple Select the entire drawing using the Box Select tool.

Option 2 – During an Export to PDF, at Settings > Export Area, choose the Visible Portion Option instead of Entire Drawing to only export the elements currently on screen.

"I have too much spacing on my export." OR

"I don't see the full drawing in my export."

Sometimes the drawing size being applied to an output scale causes a mismatch for the output size (paper size, scale).

For example, You could have a drawing that at its widest is 100 ft. When you then go to export the drawing to PDF, you are presented with a Scale option on the PDF Setting dialog. This output scale needs to take into consideration the size of the drawing itself. Each of the various scale options describes how the drawing size will be printed on the paper.


"How do I make all text size the same in my export?"

By default, all text gets added at a size appropriate to the drawing’s current zoom level. However, when you want to export your work, the various text sizes may not be ideal for a final presentation.

There are two ways to “fix” this issue.

Solution #1

Set the text size to never change. Under "Annotate", choose "Color & Styles".


Solution #2

Once you are ready to send out / show your work – change it all at once.

The video below shows how to select all text and make them all a single appropriate size.

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