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How do I calibrate my drawing to scale?
How do I calibrate my drawing to scale?
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You can set the scale of your drawing using the Calibrate tool for both newly uploaded plans or a blank canvas.


Best Practices

Each time you upload a PDF or image into a drawing, you'll be prompted to "Calibrate/Scale Drawing"

If you choose to skip this option by tapping "Later" you can always return to this option by clicking the "Calibrate" icon in the bottom left of your drawing.


💡As a best practice, you should calibrate your newly added PDF or image upon upload to avoid issues as you draw.

By using the Calibrate tool you'll be setting the scale of that entire PDF plan or drawing. This also applies when setting the scale on a blank canvas.

🚧 Please Note - All future objects you add will default to the scale you've set on that drawing.

Steps for calibrating an existing PDF or Image

  1. Tap on the Calibrate icon in the lower-left corner of the screen

  2. Accept the prompt by clicking Calibrate Now

  3. Drag measure bar to match known distance

  4. Tap check mark to accept your entry

Starting With a Blank Canvas

  1. From your blank canvas, tap the Calibrate icon in the bottom left of your canvas.

  2. Next, drag the measurement tool across the entire width of your planned project area*.

  3. Then tap "Input" on the line you just created.

  4. Enter your value and click the green checkmark icon

  5. Last, click the blue checkmark icon to confirm your entry.

*Please note that the line you draw after clicking calibrate does not need to be exact, as you are setting an approximate size to match the needs of your upcoming project.

Quick How-To Video

This video provides a quick and easy example of how to calibrate a PDF and a blank canvas.

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