Why Won't My Laser Measure Connect?
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The laser measurement device is not connecting and cannot be used in ArcSite.


Currently, ArcSite is compatible with a number of Leica Distro and Bosch laser measurement tools. To see the current list of devices, go here.

If you are attempting to connect with one of the compatible devices, but are not connecting, check to make sure the relevant iOS setting is toggled on or that another app is not restricting access.

Some devices may have an app that enables a connection. Check for an app within the relevant App Store.

Solution 1: Ensure the iOS setting is correct

iOS 13 and later

  1. Open the Apple Settings app ( looks like a gray gear)

  2. Scroll down the left side of options until you find ArcSite and tap

  3. The Bluetooth option there needs to be toggled on for it to work

iOS 12 and earlier

  1. Open the Apple Settings app ( looks like a gray gear)

  2. Tap on Privacy > Bluetooth

  3. Ensure you have ArcSite toggled on

Solution 2: Verify access is not blocked by another app

We have found that other iOS apps can block access to the device. To check if this is the case for you, Toggle off the Bluetooth connection between any other relevant apps and then retry connecting to ArcSite.

Solution 3: Download the Manufacturer's App

Some laser measures require an app to allow a connection to other apps on the tablet. We typically see this with Bosch devices, but recommend checking as a troubleshooting step for others as well. Download the app and use it to set up/ connect the measure to the tablet, then see if you are able to successfully use it in ArcSite.

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