How Do I Delete?
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If you need to remove something you've added to a canvas you can use the Delete or Trim tools.

Deleting one or more objects

  1. Select one or more objects you wish to delete using the Select Tool.

  2. The Delete icon appears at the bottom left corner of the canvas after you've selected an item.

  3. Tap to delete icon in the bottom left to remove the item from the canvas.

How to erase just a part of a line or wall

One common question is “How do I delete part of an existing wall so I can place a window or door in it? "

🪛 Quick Fix - The fastest way to add a window or door without trimming or deleting is to choose an opening from the Opening tool which will automatically cut the wall and insert the opening you've selected.

If you are using the Draw tool and simply want to create a break in a line, you can follow these steps

1. Locate the existing line you want to edit.

2. Add two small intersecting lines where you want the opening.

3. Use the trim option to remove the line within the two intersecting lines

4. Then delete the intersecting lines you created


If you have more questions or concerns regarding the deletion of items added to your canvas, please submit a ticket and our team will be able to help you further.

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