Creating a New Takeoff Template in ArcSite

Follow this step-by-step guide to create a takeoff template that matches your process for producing accurate material takeoffs.

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In ArcSite, creating a new takeoff template allows you to streamline your workflow and ensure consistency in your project estimations. This help center article will guide you through the process of creating a new takeoff template in ArcSite.

🚧You must have administrator access within your ArcSite account to create a takeoff template.

Step 1: Open the ArcSite web app on your device. Navigate to:

Step 2: Click "Settings"

Step 3: Click "Proposal Templates"

Step 4: Click "+ Create Template"

Step 5: Choose which type of Template you'd like to start with. (Recommend Default or Blank Template)

Step 6: Click "Create"

Step 7: Click "Add Block" to start adding sections to Template

Step 8: Click "Takeoff"

Step 9: Click "Add"

Step 10: Click the "Edit" button to customize what data is displayed within this Takeoff block.

Step 11: Click the "Takeoff Label" field to change how this block is titled when you apply it to a template.

Step 12: Check which Columns you'd like to Display (Unchecked columns will not be viewable)

Step 13: Click "Save" to Finish Adding this Section

Step 14: Repeat the 'Add Block' step to include other blocks that will help identify this takeoff when it is applied to a real drawing. (Example: Company Information or Client Profile)

Step 15: Click "Preview PDF" to view what your template will look like using data from a real drawing before you publish it.

Step 16: Click to toggle which real drawing data you'd like to use to preview your template.

Step 17: Once you're satisfied with the way your takeoff output will look, Click "Publish to APP"

Once published, you won't be able to directly edit the template in the future.

Creating a new takeoff template in ArcSite is a simple yet powerful feature that can greatly enhance your project estimation process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create customized templates tailored to your specific needs, improving efficiency and accuracy in your estimations.

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