ArcSite + Wisetack
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ArcSite + Wisetack

ArcSite + Wisetack allows your business to offer clients fast and friendly financing options without leaving the ArcSite app. It takes about a minute for clients to see their options, and they can do so without impact to their credit score. Clients receive up to 6 monthly payment options depending on the dollar amount that they applied for and can select the plan that best fits their budget.

To get started, go to the ArcSite browser site at:, login and select your user name in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then navigate to Advanced Settings > Integrations > Apps > Wisetack.

Please note integrations are only visible on ArcSite Enterprise accounts. If you are an enterprise customer and do not see the Wisetack app listed, please reach out to your ArcSite sales contact.

Click on Wisetack in apps to sign up. After completing the signup, return to the browser site and navigate to Advanced Settings > Integrations > Apps, and the Wisetack dashboard, as shown below, will now be available.

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