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Importing Existing Plans (PDFs) into ArcSite
Importing Existing Plans (PDFs) into ArcSite
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Adding your existing PDF plans to your account is easy as ArcSite provides three different ways to do so

Subscription Requirements: Core package or above.

Upload PDF to the ArcSite cloud account

By uploading to your cloud account, your PDF plans will be accessible from the ArcSite mobile app and then will need to be downloaded to the mobile device or tablet you wish to use for drawing over the PDF.

This is the preferred option when uploading multipage/large PDFs to ensure quality and auto-page splitting.

PDF Upload and Access Steps

  1. Use your ArcSite credentials (the same credentials you use to access the mobile app).

  2. Choose the project (or create one) in which you want to upload a PDF file.

  3. Click the “Import PDF” button in the top right. (see below)

  4. Upon clicking, you'll be able to select and upload the PDF from your available files.

  5. Follow the upload and customization steps and then click Publish.

  6. After you have uploaded your PDF plans, they will appear immediately on your device within the project they were uploaded.

  7. Once you return to the corresponding project on the mobile app, You will need to tap the down arrow on the PDF you've just uploaded. This action will download the PDF to the local device.

📶 Important Note – Since the plans are not immediately downloaded on the app itself, you need to have an active internet connection to download them to the local device.

Video of How to Import and Access a PDF on the Mobile App

💡Remember to download your PDF from your ArcSite cloud account by opening the project you've uploaded your PDF to and then tapping the arrow icon covering your PDF. You won't be able to draw on this PDF until the download is complete.

Import the PDF directly from the app itself.

You can choose to import the PDF directly from the Create Drawing dialog when creating a new project drawing.

Note: This workflow is currently only available for the iOS version of the app.

Navigate to file and select to import.

Select the PDF Sheet you want to import.

NOTE: within this workflow, you can select only one sheet at a time. If you want to bulk add PDF sheets, the recommended workflow is described as the option 1 above - Upload PDF to the ArcSite cloud account.

The PDF will then be shown as the background in the drawing space.

Push the PDF locally from another app into the app

While locally pushing PDFs into the app appears to be an easier solution upfront, there are some disadvantages to this process that you should know.

🗐 Important Note: If there is more than one page to the PDF file, each page will have to be done separately as a unique file. You won't be able to split them upon upload using this method.

However, you can bulk-load all pages of a single PDF using the 'Upload PDF to the ArcSite cloud account' option.

Video of how to Upload a PDF from your device

Which method should I use for uploading a PDF to be used within a drawing on a project?

Uploading the PDF via the User Site has several advantages over uploading via your device. We ask that all users who need to upload large or multi-page PDF files, do so via the ArcSite User Site and take advantage of your ArcSite cloud.

Here is why:

  • ArcSite will process the file to be more performant!

  • You can later reload a new version of the PDF without changing the work you have added.

  • You can rename and rotate the uploaded PDF.

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