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Create An ArcSite Drawing – Step by Step
Create An ArcSite Drawing – Step by Step
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We cover how you can create a professional, useful, and well-designed drawing in 7 steps. Starting from the beginning, we take you all the way through the completion of a drawing.

Step 1 – Draw some simple shapes

Use the Draw tool to create any sort of shape, just like with pen & paper.

Step 2 – Edit Your Work

Once you have drawn something, explore the many ways you can edit your work.

Step 3 – Scale your Drawing and Add Measurements

Select a drawing scale to match your project needs and take measurements and show dimensions.

Step 4 – Insert Reusable Shapes

ArcSite’s Shape library allows you to quickly and consistently mark up your plans

Step 5 – Embed and Markup Photos

“Take the site with you” by taking site photos, marking them up and having them part of the plan itself.

Step 6 – Export or Share Your Work

Step 7 – Start with Photos or PDF

You can start with existing PDF plans or any sort of imagery.

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