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Using Photos in ArcSite
Using Photos in ArcSite
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ArcSite has 2 different photo tools. Background photos and Embedded Location-Based Photos.

Using embedded location based site photos in ArcSite allows you to easily capture on-site details, set expectations with customers and installers, and seamlessly document photo locations. With the photo tool, you can snap photos and easily mark them up, directly in the app.

Using the background photo tool, you can easily add a photo directly to the canvas where you can draw/markup the photo on the screen. This tool is great for blueprints, existing plans, or Google Earth images that you'd like to draw over top of.

Embedded Location-Based Site Photos

Insert photos into plans at the exact location where they were taken.

  1. Tap the Camera icon on the lower right-hand side of the canvas

  2. Tap the location on the canvas where you want to place the image

  3. Take a photo or choose from an existing one from your library

Once the image has been added you can:

  1. Delete photo(s)

  2. Add additional photos

  3. Adjust the placement and direction of the icon on the canvas

Background Photos

You can show a photo in the background of your drawing from either a newly taken photo or picked from your photo library.

  1. Tap on the Photo icon in the top right corner

  2. Choose to take a photo or select one from your Photo Library

Selecting Images on the Screen

Selecting an on-screen image that requires that you tap right along its edge. This video shows two ways to make this process easy.

How do I delete a background photo?

You have a couple of options - if you are having trouble selecting a photo to delete it you should be able to tap on "select" in the top right, then choose "freehand select" (the pointing finger icon) - this should allow you to draw a line over anything you need to select, then you can choose "delete" in the bottom left.

Second, you can tap on the settings gear icon in the top right and then toggle "background" off, and that will remove any background layers you have. Though if you're swapping out photos this might not be the best option.

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