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Setting up accounts & defining access/ownership
Setting up accounts & defining access/ownership
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Accounts Overview

Setting up your ArcSite accounts will get you off on the right foot to begin building out your environment.

There are several types of accounts in ArcSite

  1. Company

  2. Individual

  3. Web Only

The company account is simply the umbrella account under which all of the individual paid accounts are placed. This is not a charged account. A company account allows you to:

  • Share content across individual accounts (Products, Shapes, Output Proposal Templates)

  • Share work across individual accounts (see permissions section for details)

  • Have a single common billing

Individual accounts are the paid accounts that each individual person will need to do work. They have access to the iPad app and all available functionality within. They can also access the ArcSite User Site.

Web Only accounts are individual accounts that can access the ArcSite User Site only (no access to the iPad app). They are often used by office folks to manage the environment and/or just consumers of the ArcSite output. Pricing for these accounts vary depending on number of individual accounts purchased. You can request info on this type of account by emailing to

Create the Company account

The company account is automatically created during the process of paying for the individual account. See below for those details.

Add Individual accounts

To add Individual Accounts there are two steps

  1. Pay for the accounts

  2. Add the individual accounts to the company account

Paying for accounts

NOTE - If you have already paid for your individual accounts, you can skip to the next section below.

  1. Navigate to (Log in if requested)

  2. From the top right corner, tap on your email

  3. Select the Subscription option in the drop down list

  4. Tap Update

  5. From the subsequent screen you can choose the subscription level, number of accounts, and if this is going to be a monthly or annual charge.

  6. Tap Continue to see summary

  7. Finalize

Add Individual accounts to the company account

Once you have paid for the subscriptions, follow these steps to add the Individual accounts to your overall company account.

  1. Navigate here – (Log in if requested)

  2. Add users by entering their emails in the bottom entry field and clicking on Add User

  3. If this is a previously created account, they will be added to the list. Nothing else is required.

  4. If this is a brand new account, the person will be sent an email to finish setting up by providing a password.



ArcSite gives you control over what your users can see and do. We currently provide the following access levels:

Default for new accounts. Standard accounts can only access their own work. They can create their own projects and drawings, but will not have access to other users’ projects unless added as a collaborator. (Note: you cannot remove standard access for an active user. Instead, remove the account to disable access.)

Project Manager

Project Managers have access to view and manage all projects within the company. This allows them to see and make changes to drawings, upload PDFs, run takeoff reports, and generate proposals from any project.


Admins have access to the Advanced Settings section of the User Site. This allows them to set up user accounts (and change access levels), manage products and pricing for the company, create proposal templates, manage integrations, and more. We recommend limiting Admin access to a select few.

All users have Standard access to view and manage their own work. You can increase their access by granting Project Manager and/or Admin access on top of Standard. Depending on your company setup, you may have one person who is both the Admin and Project Manager, or you may choose to separate these roles.

If you have a need for additional access levels, please let us know.

How to Change User Access Levels

  • Select the appropriate access levels (remember that Standard can’t be unchecked)

  • Click Update


You may also update multiple users’ access levels at once.

  • Use the checkboxes on the left to select multiple users

  • Hover over the Change Selected button

  • Click Change Access Level

  • Select appropriate access levels and click Update

Create a User Group

  1. Navigate to the Company Accounts screen

  2. Tap on Add Group

  3. Choose from the available Individual accounts

Sharing from the User Site

  1. Navigate to the Project screen

  2. Open a project

  3. From the specific project screen, tap on the collaborators button

  4. Select from the Individual accounts or from a group

Sharing from the App

  1. From the Project Screen, tap on the Share link for a specific project

  2. Tap the Add Company Users button

  3. Select from the Individual accounts or from a group

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