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Archiving a Project to Keep Your List Concise
Archiving a Project to Keep Your List Concise
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The more you use ArcSite, the more your projects can pile up. And while you can download an entire project and then delete it from the app, you can also simply Archive it as well.

Archiving a project hides it from the project lists on the User Site and within the app itself.

An additional advantage to archiving a project is improving log in performance. Archived projects are not be included in a refresh task that occurs when you log into your account. You can read more about that here - Improving Log in Performance using the Archive feature.

Archive the Project

To archive a project:

  1. Access the Project list from the user site at

  2. Check the box to the left of the project you want to archive to select it.

  3. Click Archive.

  4. When refreshed, the archived project will no longer be visible in this Project list

View and Restore Archived Projects

To access archived projects on the user site, tap Archived Projects.

To restore a currently archived project:

  1. Check the box to the left of the project you want to restore to select it.

  2. Click Unarchive.

Hide or show archived projects from within the app

Archived projects are hidden from the app list of projects.

To toggle between hiding and showing the archived projects:

  1. From the list of Projects

  2. Tap Filters icon

  3. Toggle “Hide Archived Projects” switch on or off depending on if you want to show or hide any archived projects.

When displayed, archived projects will have the following naming convention “Project Name (Archived)”


NOTE – This feature is not available at the Basic subscription level.

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