Cover Page Section
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Add a cover page to your client-facing proposal. This section can be set up to display the following:

  • Your company logo

  • Who the proposal was prepared for, presenting your client's information

  • The date the proposal was created

  • Who the proposal was prepared by, presenting your company information

  • A project Photo

Editing & Formatting:

Currently, there are two layouts available for the Cover Section

Available Formatting Options

For the Cover Layout

For the Cover with Photo Layout

Adding a photo to the Cover page

You can select or take a photo on-site and have it included in the Cover Section. Whether you have already taken the photo or you take it at the moment, here are the steps to follow.

From the Projects / Main screen, tap on the i icon at the right-most end of a project

Tap on the Edit button in the Project Information section

Tap on the Cover Image plus sign icon in the Job Detail section

Select the image you want to use and click OK

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