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Learn how you can insert your drawing into the body of your proposal using the template builder.

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Understanding the Drawing Section in a Proposal

When preparing a proposal for a customer, it is important to include a visual detail plan of the work being done. The Drawing section within your proposal serves this purpose.

The Drawing section will display a visual representation of the work you will be completing for the customer. This detail plan will provide a snapshot of your plan and will provide the customer with the necessary information to review and understand the work that will be done.

To access the Drawing section, navigate to the ‘Detail Plan’ page on the proposal. When creating a new proposal, you will have the ability to add a drawing to the proposal from your device’s file library. This drawing will be included in the proposal along with the written detail of the work you propose to do.

Once submitted, your customer will be able to review your detail plan with the drawing included, providing them with both a written and visual version of the work to be done.

The Drawing section will display your detailed plan within the proposal. This will provide a visual of the work being done for your customer to review.

There are two layout options when choosing how to display your detail plan on the proposal (to select a layout, click “Change Layout”):

  • Drawing With Legend: this layout will display your detail plan while automatically displaying a product legend below the drawing. The legend will show every ArcSite product added as well as its quantities.

  • Drawing: this layout will display only your detail plan without a legend automatically displayed. Note however, you can still manually add a legend to a diagram.

  • With Legend (Company Logo & Client Profile): this layout automatically displays the product legend below the drawing and adds your company logo and the client information above the drawing.

With Legend:

Without Legend:

With Legend (Company Logo & Client Profile)

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