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Add Text and Cloud Shapes
Add Text and Cloud Shapes
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The Annotate tool

The Annotate tool (3rd icon from bottom on toolbar) has 3 options:

  • Text

  • Callout

  • The Cloud shape



There are 2 modes for Text

Non Wrapping Text:

USE WHEN – You want a single line of text without wrapping

Tap on the canvas where you want to start the text and begin typing. The text line will continue to grow without wrapping.

Fixed Width Text:

USE WHEN – You want text to fit with in a constrained width

  1. Press down at a start point

  2. Drag to desired width

  3. Lift finger

  4. Newly created text block will now have a fixed width. When text reaches the defined width end a new row will automatically start


  1. Press down where you want the arrow to start

  2. Continue to press down and drag away


  1. Press down where you want the cloud shape to start

  2. Continue to press down and drag away until desired end point

Display Options:

Depending on which option is selected, there are a number of defaults visual display settings that can be managed here.

  • Color

  • Background Color – Provides a color to fill the area behind the text itself. Useful to make the text stand out over the background

  • Automatic Text Height – This option has two (toggle) states

    • Toggled on – It will change the text height based on the current zoom level of the canvas.

    • Toggled off – You will choose a specific size and regardless of current zoom level, it will always appears at that size

  • Alignment – align text left, center or right justified

  • Font – Tap to choose from all fonts currently installed on the iPad. This will also allow you to choose from any available font weight such as Regular, Bold, Italic, etc. NOTE – Any font that gets installed on the iPad will appear in this drop down list.

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