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Using ArcSite Shapes
Using ArcSite Shapes
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Accessing Shapes

Tap the Shapes icon (pictured below) from the fifth icon on the toolbar, to see all available shapes.


Change the Currently Displayed Shapes Library

  1. Tap the Menu icon to see the available Shape Libraries

  2. Tap a library

  3. Tap the Arrow icon to access


Adding Additional Libraries

When you are in the shape library menu, you can add additional libraries to your account by hitting the "Get More Shapes" button. From there you can press "Add" to add the library to your account.

These additional shape libraries have more in-depth shapes for a number of different industries. Feel free to add as many shape libraries to your account as you'd like.

Adding Shapes to the Canvas

Tapping on any Shape in the Shape Panel will place it in the center of the canvas.

Shape Labels

Add a new Labeled Shape

  1. Tap to add shape and the Shape Label dialog will appear

  2. Type in any text

Edit an existing Labeled Shape

  1. Select a Shape that has been added to the canvas

  2. Tap Shape Labels icon on lower left corner of canvas

Searching For Shapes

At the top of the Shapes Panel is a Search Bar. Typing in a search term will automatically reduce the display of shapes to include just the shapes that match the searched term.

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