Swapping Products or Bundles

Take advantage of this new functionality and quickly swap out different products or bundles at the click of a button from your ArcSite app.

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If you're like most contractors, presenting a good-better-best set of options for your customer is key to your sales process. However, creating multiple drawings that represent these options can be time-consuming.

To help alleviate this timely process, we've created an option that allows you to quickly swap products or bundles of the same type.

Here is how it works! Let's say you've drafted the initial drawing that reflects the basic installation of products which is represented as a bundle and or products on your drawing canvas. Next, you duplicate that initial drawing to create a better option to showcase to your customer via the proposal.

Previously you'd need to do several edits and changes to your second drawing to update the better option. Now, you can quickly swap out a product or bundle used on your initial drawing by taking the following steps.

Step 1

Copy your original drawing.

You can duplicate a drawing by tapping on the ( i ) icon shown in the bottom right corner of the drawing thumbnail within the project.

Next, you'll see the option to Duplicate Drawing.

Step 2

Select the bundle or product you want to swap

Once you've duplicated the drawing, you'll see it available within the corresponding project. Now, open that duplicate drawing.

Next, select the bundle or products you want to swap out for your better option in drawing 2.

Step 3

Open your product or bundle swap options

Once you've selected the bundle you want to swap, you'll see the option to edit which bundle or product is placed in that location at the bottom of your app screen.

Step 4

Choose your new bundle or product

Once you click the options menu at the bottom of the screen, you'll be prompted with replacement options for that specific bundle or product you used in your initial drawing.

In this example, we're swapping a 10' ledger bundle for an 8'

Now, you have a 2nd drawing that contains different components and materials as part of changing the applied bundle from the first drawing. You can now combine these drawings into a set of options when presenting your proposal to your customer.


  • You can select one or more of the same product or bundle and only swap with others of the same visual type.

For more details on how to use the Good-Better-Best proposal options, please check out this short help article. Learn More

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