February - April 2023
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Take a moment to review what's new & improved at ArcSite!

Freehand Forms

Now, you can quickly draw any shape with curved lines and design the space exactly the way you want it. This feature is particularly useful for artificial turf and exterior designers who need to create unique shapes and designs.

With Freehand Forms, you can easily get exact areas and measurements of the space you're designing. Say goodbye to the limitations of pre-defined shapes and welcome the freedom of drawing your own.

Freehand Annotation

It's now easier than ever to jot down quick notes on your drawings. Perfect for on the go or when you need to quickly capture information, these annotations can be easily accessed later when you're back at the office.

JobNimbus Integration

Link ArcSite with your JobNimbus environment to seamlessly push information like client details, drawings, proposals, and products between the two systems.

User Site Reorganization

We've made some improvements to the top navigation on our User Site! With these updates, it's now easier than ever to navigate and find what you need.

ArcSite for Android Phones

ArcSite on Android expands to Phones: ArcSite is now available on Android and compatible with both tablets and phones! You can now easily check or update your drawings or projects on your phone, without the need to bring out your tablet or laptop.

Online Chat

Chat with us directly on the User Site: You can now get the help you need while staying on task - you can now chat with us directly on the ArcSite user site! No need to switch tabs or leave your current page. With this new feature, you can quickly get answers to your questions and resolve any issues you encounter without disrupting your workflow.

Selected Product indicator

We've added a new feature to ArcSite that will make it easier for you to keep track of your work - a visual indication at the bottom center of the screen that displays the name of the product or bundle you have currently selected on the canvas.

With this indicator, you'll always know what you're working on, as the name is displayed right there on the screen. This is especially helpful when you have multiple products or bundles on your canvas, as it ensures that you don't accidentally make changes to the wrong one.

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