The Drawing Modes
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The Drawing tools

Use the Draw tool as your digital pen. It allows you to draw any sort of shape, either in a precise or freehand way.

There are five drawing modes

  • Continuous Lines

  • Continuous Lines & Arcs

  • Line/Arc

  • Freehand Forms

  • Rectangle

Continuous Lines

USE WHEN – You need to draw out something quickly and want only straight lines.

The Continuous Lines option allows for a “Just like pen and paper” experience. Draw without ever lifting your finger or stylus. It also disallows for unwanted arcs or curves.

Continuous Lines & Arcs

USE WHEN – You need to draw out something quickly and do not want to be restricted to only straight lines.

The Continuous Lines & Arcs option is very similar to the one above but also allows you to create curves and arcs.

Line / Arc

USE WHEN – You want the most control over how the lines appear (Examples – trying to get a particular angle or otherwise non-straight line)

The Lines / Arc option allows you to precisely draw one segment at a time.


USE WHEN – You want to draw without precision.

The freehand drawing mode does not constrain you to straight-line segments and arcs, allowing you to fill and measure any irregular shape you need. Sketch out pools, complex landscaping features, golf courses, patios, and more.

The freehand tool is located among the other draw tools, below Line/ Arc. To create a fillable area, make sure the object snap setting is turned on in settings, then draw your shape.

Note that with the object snap setting turned on, the shape will auto-close when you approach the starting point. The area will be fillable using the fill tool, area-based products, and the area measurement tool.

If you used to use freehand to annotate your drawings, you'll find a tool similar to the old freehand mode among the annotation tools.

Take a look at how the feature works:


USE WHEN – You want a square or rectangular shape as quickly as possible.

The Rectangle option allows you to simply draw a rectangle/square by starting at one corner and dragging to another. With this option, you do not need to remove each side separately.

Color & Styles

Choose how the Draw tool will appear visually by tapping on the bottom sub icon in the Draw tool menu. From there you can choose from:

  • Transparency

  • Line Color

  • Line Weight (thickness)

  • Line Type

  • Add arrows to the start and end of the line

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