Cancel your ArcSite Apple Trial
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When you download and install ArcSite from the App Store, Apple will begin its own free 14-day trial period that is associated with your Apple ID. As part of that initial process, Apple requires/prompts you to commit to a purchase at the end of the trial period UNLESS you cancel before it ends.

At this point, you have 2 options:

Option 1 – You decline to commit to the Apple trial

In this case, the Apple trial option does not go into effect and ArcSite is now able to offer its own 14-day trial. In this ArcSite initiated trial, you will still have the free 14 trial period, however, it will not lead to an automatic charge at the end.

Instead, to be charged, you would need to explicitly sign up for a paid account. Otherwise, the trial expires and the account goes inactive and no charge is made.

Option 2 – You commit to an Apple charge at the end of the Apple trial

If you agree/commit to the Apple trial, your Apple ID account will be charged at the subscription level you are trialing, at the end of the 14-day free trial.

In order to avoid an Apple charge, you would need to cancel your subscription. Apple requires you to unsubscribe using their systems. Here is the Apple Help Article on unsubscribing.

What if I don’t see ArcSite under my Apple Subscriptions?

If you followed the instructions above and do not see ArcSite under your Apple subscriptions, it is likely that you did not commit to the Apple Trial and therefore there is nothing to cancel.

If ArcSite does not show up in the Subscription list, you have nothing to do, and once the trial ends your account will simply expire.

If ArcSite does show up in the subscription list, you will need to remove it from there in order not to be charged at the end of the free trial.

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