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Adding Additional Users to Your Account
Adding Additional Users to Your Account
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To add new users to your company account there are two steps

  1. Pay for the additional subscriptions

  2. Add users to the company account

Step 1: Paying for additional accounts

  1. Log in if requested

  2. In the top right corner, tap on your email

  3. Select the Subscription option in the drop-down list

  4. At the following screen tap on the Update button

  5. Choose the total number of subscriptions you want in the Number of Seats option

  6. Click the Continue button at bottom of the screen to finalize.

Step 2: Add users to the company account

Once you have paid for the additional subscriptions, follow these steps to add the actual user accounts to your overall company account.

  1. Navigate here –

  2. Log in if requested - use the credentials that you use on the app itself

  3. Click the "settings" tab in the upper left corner of the screen, then accounts in the top left menu.

  4. Add users by entering their emails in the bottom entry field and clicking on Add User

  5. If they have already registered they will simply be added

  6. If they have not registered, they will be sent an email explaining how to do so


If I remove a user from my account, will all of their past drawings still be visible on my admin dashboard?

If you remove a user from your account, their work will ONLY be accessible if they've uploaded their work to the ArcSite cloud from the device they created the drawing from. If they haven't uploaded their work to the cloud, it is only saved locally to their device and may be lost if you delete the user prior to them uploading to the ArcSite Cloud.

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