Template Builder Page Setup

Learn how to establish the page format and margins for your template.

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When creating your proposal template in ArcSite you have the ability to adjust the page itself to customize the appearance, and tailor to your needs. This custom orientation allows you to edit the Page Size, Margins, and Headers/Footers.

Editing & Formatting:

You can edit the format of your page setup by selecting "Page Setup" at the top of the proposal template.


Page Size

This feature allows for different size paper depending on your needs. The options available are US Letter and US Legal, as shown.



You will also be able to adjust the margins of your pages, allowing you to edit how close or far the content of the proposal appears from the edges of the page.

To adjust the margin, you can simply type in the desired margin number or use the arrow buttons to increase & decrease.


Headers & Footers

The proposal template builder will also allow you to insert a variety of different header and footer options to your page if desired. These will show up on each individual page if selected.

You will have the option to select one of multiple ready-made headers & footers that will populate with your company information and/or the client information for that project that you are working on.

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