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Testing your Proposal Template
Updated over a week ago


Once you have created your Proposal Template you will be able to test how it looks before putting it into production. This will allow you to ensure that the proposal looks exactly how you want it to, before it is being delivered to customers.

As you’re creating your template, you’ll notice the preview pane shows example data so you have a sense of how the sections will be laid out.

Once you are finished editing and formatting the proposal you can use the Preview PDF button to test your proposal output with real data. The default PDF will show your selected page size, margins, and any headers or footers you added. If you use the "Choose Project to Preview" drop down to choose a project and drawing, however, the preview screen will load the data from that example.


Additional Considerations While Testing:

  • Remember: your proposal template is still in Draft mode. This means it’s still fully editable, but not yet available to use in the app.

  • Before you publish, navigate back to Advanced Settings > Proposal Templates and open your draft template to make any changes.

If your template is ready for prime time, the next step is to Publish to App.

Once you publish your template, it will no longer be directly editable. Please make sure you have tested your template with real data before continuing. You are able to duplicate a published template, which creates a new draft copy that you can then edit.

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