ArcSite Drawing Settings
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To adjust how the drawing and app behaves, you can access the Settings Panel in the top right corner of the app.


Settings for Common Tasks or “Issues”

  • Choosing a unit (Metric / Imperial) – Choose the top option – Units and Precision

  • Choosing the level of precision (1′ vs. 1′ 1″ ... down to 1/64″ ) – Choose Units and Precision

  • Changing how objects snap to each other

    • Object SnapThis top level option turns on and off all of the individual snap options at once

    • Object Snap Settings – lets you choose from all of the individual snap options. Note if you are going to be drawing from the blank canvas, suggestion is to toggle on the Grid option.

  • Changing the Grid – The optional grid makes manual drawing easier. The grid options include:

    • Showing or hiding

    • Choosing a grid cell size

    • Whether objects will snap to the grid.

  • Lines / Walls are changing in unexpected ways after changing another line/wall

    • Turning off the Smart Dimension option will stop the app from automatically changing “related” lines.

All Options:

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