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Color and Pattern Fill
Color and Pattern Fill
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Color and Pattern Fills

Use color and pattern fills to visually call out areas of your work.

Accessing the Fill Tool

You access the Fill tool from the 7th icon on the right side toolbar.


The Fill Tool Modes

Pick Point mode – To use:

  1. Tap anywhere on the inside of a sealed object. Sealed here means that all corners are snapped together

  2. Tap on Checkmark at bottom to finalize

Select Boundary mode – To use:

  1. Select a set of lines on a sealed object

  2. Tap on Checkmark at bottom to finalize

Fill Settings

Set from the Fill Settings icon in the Fill toolbar sub menu or from the bar at bottom of screen.

Change an Existing Fills Settings

You can change an existing fills settings:

  1. Tap to make a fill active

  2. Tap on the Color & Styles icon in the lower left corner of screen

Use Shapes to Define Fill or Area

You can choose to whether or not to use any displayed shape as a boundary when it comes to defining a Fill or Measurement Area.

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