Using Layers
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The Layers feature provides you with the ability to make multiple versions or changes without changing the entire drawing. Layers allow you to store visual information on separate layers to indicate differences and to edit those layers independently.

The Layers Panel

The Layers feature is accessible from the 2nd icon on the top right toolbar. The image below shows all default functionality.

Edit Mode – Tap Edit to enter Edit mode where you can Delete or Reorder

Add Layer – Tap to create a new layer

Active Layer – Any work done to the drawing will be added to the active layer. The active layer is indicated by the darker blue background color.

Toggle Visibility – Tap the light bulb icon to toggle on and off the visibility of any non-active layer.

Lock Layer – Tap the padlock icon to lock all of the elements on a given layer. They will be still visible but cannot be accidentally altered.

Edit Mode

Done – Tap the Done icon to close the Edit Mode


  • Tap the Delete icon to the left of the Layer

  • Tap the Delete button that appears to the right of the layer

  • Note: if there is only one layer, it cannot be deleted.

Reorder – Press and hold the Reorder icon to the right side of each layer. While holding drag to reorder

Move Objects Between Layers

It is easy to place objects on the wrong layers. Now it is easy to move them as well.


  1. Select object(s) you want to move

  2. Tap More icon

  3. Tap Move to Layer

  4. Select layer and tap Move

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