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Lesson 2. Forms and Documents
Lesson 2. Forms and Documents
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In this lesson we review how to set up use forms and documents for use in ArcSite.



  • Create Forms

  • Adding Documents


You can create forms from our user site and use them from any drawing/project, and can join outputs like proposals, estimates/takeoffs as a package.

Steps or key points:

Manage Form Templates from the ArcSite User Site

From the ArcSite user site, you can create form templates that will be accessible from the app automatically.

  1. Navigate to and login if requested

  2. Or from the User Site home page, tap on the email in top right corner of screen

  3. Choose Advanced Settings option

  4. Tap Form Templates option on the left

  5. From the subsequent screen you can either create a new form template or edit an existing form

Create New Form Template

Edit Options on the Create Form Template button on

  1. Name your form by tapping on Rename option

  2. Add a new label by tapping on left side of added form elements.

  3. the options are Move field up, Move field down, Edit Label, Delete Field

  4. Tapping a plus sign will add the associated blank field type to the bottom of the form

  5. Cancel form creation AND Save Form


Edit an Existing Form Template

In much the same way as you create a new form template (described above), you can also tap on an existing form to edit and change.

Access Form Template from within App

Once a form template has been created, it will be immediately available from the app.

To access a form from the app:

  1. From within a drawing tap the left most icon on the top right corner row of icons

  2. Tap on the New Form icon on subsequent dialog

  3. Choose desired form from list of available (Note below there is only the one – Checklist)


Export Completed Forms

The drawing for which a Form has been filled put must be upload to the ArcSite Cloud Account first and then can be downloaded from there.

  1. Upload the drawing to the ArcSite cloud by tapping on the Upload icon as is shown above

  2. Access your ArcSite cloud account here –

  3. Select the Project

  4. Select the Drawing

  5. Select the Forms Tab

  6. Specify Export type and finalize

  7. Alternately you can Download all of the Drawing Parts together at once by Clicking on Download Drawing button

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