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Managing Projects
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Projects are a simple and easy way to organize your drawings and diagrams in ArcSite. Projects act like folders that can store drawings. Some of the options you have when managing projects include creating, deleting, or renaming projects, and altering the Project Details.

Create, Delete and Rename Projects

Projects are “Managed” from the main Project screen. Manage here includes:

Create a Project

From the “Projects” screen, tap on the Create Project button along the top. Once tapped a new project will appear directly below.

Rename a Project


  • Tap on the Details link on the right side of the project

  • Tap the Rename icon at the top of the Details pane

  • Type new name

  • Tap Rename button

Delete a Project

  1. Tap on the Details link on the right side of the project

  2. Tap the Trash Can icon at the bottom of the Details pane

  3. Tap Delete Project button

  4. OK Confirm Message

Project Details

You can view project details by tapping the Details icon shown to the right side of a project

Within the details pane you can:

  1. Rename Project

  2. View:

    • Owner

    • Last Modified Date

    • Size

  3. Enter Client Details

  4. Manage Project Access

  5. Delete Project ( If owner)

    • The project will need to be empty. If there are individual drawings within the project, those will need to be deleted first

    • Delete from the device – this will only delete the iPad version of the Project, leaving the cloud version intact

    • Delete from Cloud – this will completely delete Project. It will no longer be available at all for anyone.

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