August - September 2022
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We have several exciting updates to share, many of which were a direct result of feedback from our customers. Take a moment to review what's new & improved.

Cost Margin Pricing

To ensure you're always maintaining the correct margins on the products you offer, we've created product margin options within your Estimating Settings.


This added functionality will give you the control you need to maintain profitability on all your projects.

To learn more, please check out these additional resources:

Template Improvements & Additions

We now offer nine new templates to match the needs of our customers. These additions are intended to help new and existing users get started faster.

New Templates:

  • Turf Proposal Template

  • Turf Crew Field Sheet

  • Fence Proposal Template

  • Fence Crew Field Sheet

  • Waterproofing & Foundation Proposal Template

  • Gutter Proposal Template

  • Gutter Crew Field Sheet

  • Pest Control Proposal Template

  • Multi-use Proposal with Coversheet

More Customization Options within Templates

We've added some small but powerful updates to the templates you already use. Take a moment to explore these newest additions to your available templates.

Turf Roll Tables: Allow your field crew or warehouse team an easy view of the exact cuts needed for a project

Product List Toggle: Ability to show some but not all prices & parts in the product lists. This added feature ensures you can capture information about an upsell or other info you don't want the client to see but still have the option to show basic info that is useful to the customer.

Clickable Links Within Proposals: Phone numbers and web links can now be clicked from within a proposal to give your customer a better experience when viewing your provided proposal.

Detailed View on Products: You can now toggle to display the collected information in the diagram to drive how the “project details” are exposed to your client.

Project Information on Diagram: You can now include project-specific information at the top of your diagram. This added level of detail provides your team with an easy "at-a-glance" view of important project information like customer name, address ad more.

Better photo upload management

Exciting news! If adding photos from the field is part of your drawing process, your export time just got faster. Previously, the images you added to your canvas were stored locally on your device which could slow down your export to a proposal.

Now, photos added to your canvas are immediately uploaded to the cloud in the background as you continue drawings. This gives users the freedom to add more photos and more detail to their drawings when it's time to export their final product.

Additional Data Question Groups

You can now separate your Data Questions/Fields into separate groups. This gives you the freedom to make a group of questions required, but also have a separate group for documents that are not required.

Previously all additional data fields for any output would automatically be required.

Now, you can have a data field group that is mandatory and a group that is optional. Using groups can also help shorten the list of data points shown all at once by giving your team the ability to drill down into each group as needed.

New Product Libraries

As we see more construction and residential services professionals using and finding value in ArcSite, we'll continue to add more industry-specific product shape libraries. Here are just some of the most recent updates.

  • Fence Construction (two options)

  • Pest Control

  • Commercial/Industrial Flooring

  • Safe Basement product library

If you have a need for a specific shape library that pertains to your business, we'd love to know more and why it would help you win more jobs and save time.

Reordering of Product Categories

Take control of your product library.

From within your Advanced Settings - Products screen you can now control your view the way you want.

  • Drag & Drop Product Category Order

  • Display based on the installation method

  • Determine the order of the groups of products shown on a proposal.

💡TIP: Provide your sales and field technicians with easy-to-follow product recommendations by ordering your product categories that match the way you sell and service.

Built-in Financing Partner

Connect ArcSite with Wisetack to offer your customers extremely friendly financing options directly in the ArcSite app.

📈 Increase your closing rates and boost your margins.

Offering financing options allows your customers to pay over time, not all upfront. This makes the cost of your work more manageable to your customers and can lead to larger sales for your team.

💵 Get paid as soon as the work is complete.

No more tracking down customers for payment. With Wisetack and ArcSite, the full payment is sent to your bank account while your customers can pay over time.

🤩 Offer a seamless customer experience. Stand out from the competition by offering Wisetack's consumer-friendly financing. With Wisetack and ArcSite, the application is quick and offers multiple payment options.

How it works

  1. The option to pay by financing is included in the estimates you present from ArcSite.

  2. If your customer selects the Financing option, the quick application will be sent to them via text message.

  3. When you complete the job, the full payment will be sent directly to your bank account.

The only cost to you is 3.9% per transaction. No set-up fee, flat fee per transaction, or credit card processing fees apply.

📢 NOTE: Your customers can finance anything from $500 to $25,000 depending on approval.

Accessing your web settings from your mobile experience

You can now access your profile/settings directly from the mobile app. This makes managing your account easier while keeping you in the mobile environment.

Use this added feature to:

  • Quickly update your password

  • Update personal info on your profile

For the Admin Users

You have full access to all of the Advanced Settings.

  1. Add or edit any product or product-related changes

  2. Change all setup options - templates, taxes, payment options, and additional data questions.

Make in-the-moment changes to keep your team all on the same page without having to go back to the office.

We appreciate all the feedback from our users that helped us produce these added features and integrations within ArcSite. If you have a product request that you think will make a positive impact on your experience and other users of ArcSite, please share them within your ArcSite Community.

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