October - November 2022
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Take a moment to review what's new & improved this fall at ArcSite.

Proposal Template Enhancement - Add Specific Takeoff Data

Learn how to quickly add useful data from your takeoff into a customizable table on your proposals. Show only the data you want visible and provide more clarity to your customer.

Rename Drawings While Duplicating

Cut down on the clicks and easily rename a drawing as part of the duplication process. This is just one of many ongoing user experience enhancements being made by our product team. ✂️🖱️


QuickBooks Integration - Sync Individual Product

Exciting news for QuickBooks Integration users! You can now sync the individual products used on a project. This added layer to the ArcSite and QuickBooks integration ensures you keep your individual product usage synced between both environments.

💡 Please explore this helpful article for more details on how to connect your ArcSite Account to QuickBooks.


Export Multiple Drawings Into One Takeoff or Estimate Excel Report

Take advantage of this added feature when creating multiple drawings where you need to combine the data across drawing files into one takeoff or estimate report.

Custom Reordering of Your Products & Bundles Lists

You can now customize the order of your products and bundles based on the way you want them to appear. Once you've customized the order, this will change the appearance of both your App product panel and proposal.

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