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Cross Platform Coverage and Minimums
Cross Platform Coverage and Minimums

In this article, you will find the minimum system requirements and a number of ArcSite features not available on all platforms noted.

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Minimal System Requirements

For Apple:

  • Minimal OS: iOS 13


  • iPads - All versions supported

  • MacBook - M1, M2, or M3 chip required

  • iPhone - Takeoff/Estimate feature of ArcSite is not supported

For Android:

  • Minimal OS: Android 9

Devices (Tablet only):

  • Samsung Galaxy S Series Tablets - S9+, S8+, S8, S7+

For Windows:

  • Minimal OS: Windows 10

  • Requires an x64 based chip (ArcSite is not supported on ARM based chip devices, such as the Microsoft Surface X)

Current Unsupported Cross Platform Features

For Windows and Android

  • Moasure Devices

  • Bosch Devices

  • Copying Drawings between Windows & Android Devices

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