December - January 2023
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Take a moment to review what's new & improved for the New Year here at ArcSite!🎉

Digital Proposal Acceptance

Keeping your customers engaged throughout the sales process is critical to closing more deals. With our new digital acceptance tool, you can quickly share your final proposal with your customer via our web application and have them accept in just a few clicks directly via email!

With this newly added functionality, both you and your customer save time and it accelerates your sales pipeline. 📈

Get more value from your ArcSite account and start using the new digital acceptance tool today!

  • Saved operation costs on paper processes and unnecessary expenses.

  • Get notified when a customer opens and accepts a shared proposal.

  • Make quick edits and resend a new revised version to your customer.

  • All revisions are real-time which helps you avoid customers viewing the wrong version.

  • The status of all proposals is visible on the web application to keep your team on the same page.

Learn How to Use Digital Acceptance

Fence Product Library Builder

For our fencing customers, we’ve launched a library builder that automatically creates your products, groups, and bundles in under a minute. 🪄

Just answer a few basic multiple-choice questions and you’re done! Our library builder is available for chain-link, wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum fence types.

This is a revolutionary tool for our fencing customers. In just a matter of minutes, you can now create your products, groups, and bundles with ease. Keep it simple or edit the auto-imported fence products to fit your needs.

Try the library builder in your account: Click Here

Updated QuickBooks integration

Get more from your ArcSite integrations with our updated QuickBooks integration. You can now send SKU data from ArcSite to QuickBooks to keep your product inventory accurate. This improvement will streamline your inventory management process in QuickBooks and any other accounting software connected to ArcSite.

ArcSite now available on Windows and Android

Exciting News! We've released ArcSite on both the Microsoft App Store and Google Play Store at our basic Draw plan of features. This is just the beginning!

We are on track to provide the full suite of ArcSite functionality in Q1 of 2023. Soon, you will be able to use ArcSite on any device to help bring you a more unified experience for you and your team.

If you are interested in beta testing our new Android or Windows-based platforms, please submit a request and we'll get you added to the list.

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